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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of videos do you film? 

Answer: I usually record videos for marketing purposes for a business for their website and social media. These types of videos include brand message videos, promos, testimonials, informational, process, and more. I am planning on taking on music videos and films in the future. Feel free to contact me with any ideas and I will be happy to lead you in the right direction.  

Do you film weddings?

Answer: I have collaborated with another production company for a wedding before. I can film weddings. If I am booked for your very special date, then I can refer you to a trusted videographer. 

What are your rates/prices? 

Answer: Prices/Rates varies on the video project. Feel free to contact me so we can discuss more details about your video project. 

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What's the process of doing a video?


1. We communicate by email/text/phone to discuss about the video project. I am more than happy to get on a phone call or a zoom call to see if we are a good fit for each other to work on this project.

2. We set a date along with a down payment.

3. We pre plan by using a script or screenplay for the video using google docs or another shared document file. I let you know what to look for before the date of the shoot. 

4. After the shoot, I start editing the video. I send it back to you for your feedback. I revise the video based on your feed back.

5. Once the client is satisfied, then we proceed with payment of the remaining balance and final video delivery. 

What is your turnaround time?

Answer: Depends on the project and deadline. I do make it in time for the deadline. However. my ususal turnaround time is two (2) weeks for the whole video project (excluding the pre-planning). 

Do you provide digital/social media marketing services? 

Answer: I only focus on the video content for the purpose of marketing the video on websites, landing pages, social media platforms, and more in order to increase conversation rates. I do have a list of digital marketers that are willing to distribute the video efficiently and effectively for maximum results. 

Do you collaborate with other videographers/video productions? 

Answer: Yep! I have for a wedding and have a list of videographers for purposes of collaboration or if I am over booked to take on projects so I can contract them work. Plus, teamwork makes the dream work. Especially for movies. 

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Do you provide photography services?

Answer: I usually don't. I have a list of photographers that I can refer to depending on the purpose and budget. 

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