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Car Commercial Video for Atacama that was shot in downtown Chicago in order to promote their rebuilt special vehicles.  

Brand Message/Promo Video for Uli Percussion. Uli Percussion have made videos in the past but wanted to upgrade their quality so we made this video.

Testimonial video for Splendid Beast. Splendid Beast has many images with pet owners with their pet portraits and really wanted a video testimonial for their Facebook Ads. 

Testimonial video and Promo Video for XL Contracting. XL contracting covers all kinds of house remodeling services such as roofing, windows, remodeling, and more.

Brand Message for Brownfield Environmental Engineering for their website and presentations. Brad Brown noticed a video can give prospects and clients a little more trust as they see Brad in action in his own business.

Informational/Educational Video for Gus Martinez for his own diversity and inclusion consulting company, GSM Consulting. In this video, Gus gave the rebuttals of why diversity may not be bring the results for a company.

Real Estate video for the listing. Real Estate videos are a virtual tour. The differences between a 3D Print of the house a video is that a video can be more engaging with effects and music to bring in the feeling of a "Home." 

Brand Message/ Virtual Tour video for Stepping Stones. Stepping stones is a child care center in the Roscoe, Illinois area. Stepping Stones had to face very strict restrictions during the COVID-19 Pandemic. This video helped this child care center by allowing parents to view the child care facility which saves the parents time and gives more information on the site.

Instructional/Information video for Bock for their mobile app video. This was used in a showroom in order to show how their new mobile app functions that can remotely connect to their water heaters.

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